Changing the Encoder Video Bitrate

Last Updated: 2 July 2019 at 08:10

These instructions are for how to change the video encode bit rate using the meetinghouse Webcast 3.0 automatic configuration mode. If you have not yet set up your Teradek VidiU for automatic configuration, please refer to the How-to Guide for Meetinghouse Webcast 3.0

If you are not using automatic configuration mode and need to change the video bit rate manually, please see Manual Mode: Configure Teradek VidiU Broadcast Settings.

Important: Please refer to the Meetinghouse Network Health and Encoder Settings for the optimal video bit rate you should use.

To change the Teradek VidiU encoder video bit rate:

1. On the webcast portal dashboard, click the Teradeks button.

2. Under Registered Devices, click the name of your Teradek on which you want to change the video bit rate.

3. Under Video Bitrate, select the bit rate you want to use.

4. Click Save, and then Close.

5. Power cycle the Teradek VidiU by turning off the power for 10 seconds and then turning it back on. When the Teradek VidiU fully boots up, it will be configured for the new bit rate.