Video Distribution System

Last Updated: 2 July 2019 at 10:41

Video Distribution System

A Video Distribution System can be used to connect the video equipment needed for your webcast and allows for decreased setup time and greater reliability (e.g., connecting the video camera feed into the Teradek VidiU encoder). Meetinghouse video distribution systems vary worldwide depending on factors such as building location, building age, building design, etc. These variations make it difficult to describe exactly how video distribution systems are used and operated. In some buildings, the video distribution system may also be integrated with the chapel sound system so you can connect both audio and video to your webcast equipment. Other systems may be retrofitted with the ADVH system, while other buildings may not have a video distribution system installed.

Connecting a Video Camera into the Video Distribution System

In many meetinghouses, the video from the video camera (see “Camera Setup” to learn how to set up a video camera) can be fed into the video distribution system using a video input jack located in the chapel. This jack can be found at the side of the chapel’s first overflow area, on a side back wall near the last pew, or in another location in the chapel. Some chapels may already have a video camera permanently mounted and already connected to the video distribution system. 

Connecting the Teradek VidiU from the Video Distribution System

Once the camera’s video has been fed into the video distribution system, it can be accessed from a video-out port located in the satellite cabinet or technology closet. For video systems that are HDMI compliant, connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI out into the HDMI input on the Teradek VidiU. For non-HDMI video distribution systems (e.g., RCA), a video signal converter will be needed to make the video connection to the Teradek VidiU. 

Some systems in the satellite cabinet or technology closet are equipped with a video switcher where you need to switch to the video input source. For example, the video switcher may have a switch labeled “Video Camera” for a chapel equipped with a mounted video camera. Select this source so the camera will feed properly to the Teradek VidiU connected to the video-out jack of the distribution system.

On other satellite rack systems, the cable from the video port in the chapel will be connected directly to the “video in” on the chapel modulator. This requires an additional Video Distribution Amplifier (VDA) as well as a short cable with F connectors on each end. The cable connects one of the outputs on the VDA to the video input of the modulator. This cable is necessary for the modulator to function properly.

Meetinghouses Without a Video Distribution System

If your building does not have a video distribution system, cabling can be run directly between the video camera and the Teradek VidiU encoder. We recommend setting up the encoder and other webcast equipment close to where the camera is located to avoid lengthy cable runs.