Household Visibility and Privacy Agreement

Last Updated: 31 October 2016 at 13:15

Policy and Principles

Your Personal Information

Note: References to stakes also apply to districts and references to wards also apply to branches.

By opting in, you are agreeing to allow your name and personal contact information from your Church membership record to be used and displayed in your ward and stake online directory listing, in the LDS Tools mobile application, in mapping features showing your personal residence, in calendars about Church events, and in other similar features related to approved Church purposes.

You may also voluntarily include additional personal information in your personal profile on the online directory and in LDS Tools (including your email address, cell phone number, individual or family photos, or other similar information).

According to Church policy, this site and these features will only be accessible to Church members living in your ward or stake, who log on to the directory or features using their LDS Account username and password. By selecting Ward Visibility or Stake Visibility, you have opted in for your entire household and specifically agree and acknowledge that you have the specific informed consent of each member of the household listed in the Church membership records to share their personal information as described herein.

Personal contact information is not accessible to the public. After giving your consent by selecting Ward Visibility or Stake Visibility, only Church members in your ward or stake can view it. Your personal information and the personal information included in ward and stake applications are only to be used for approved Church purposes. Local Church leaders will help ensure that such data is not used for personal, political, or commercial purposes. If you become aware that your personal information has been misused in any way, please inform your local Church leaders immediately. We may use third parties to provide services such as hosting, providing security, gathering statistical data, and so forth, but they are contractually required to keep all personal information confidential and not use it for any other purpose. Except as provided above, your personal information is not authorized to be shared with any other third parties.

You may opt out of participation in the online directory, mapping, calendaring, and other related features provided for Church members at any time by selecting the appropriate privacy levels in your household profile. Restricting visibility to Private - Leadership Only on an element of your personal information will prevent it from being displayed to other Church members living in your ward or stake. Access to that element will be limited to Church leaders, including your ward quorum and auxiliary leaders. To correct the information included in the directory, you may change or update the personal data in your household profile that can be revised. For other changes to your membership information, contact your ward clerk, and ask him to correct the information on your Church membership record.