Teradek VidiU Hardware Setup Guide

Last Updated: 5 August 2019 at 09:12

About the Teradek VidiU

The Teradek VidiU is a compact hardware encoder device used to combine audio and video into a format suitable for webcast streaming. It features one HDMI input (for video) and one stereo 3.5 mm input (for audio). It can stream over wired (recommended), wireless, or USB 3G or 4G cellular internet connections. (Note: For meetinghouse webcasts, you shouldn’t use a wireless connection as this isn’t a stable option.)

See Purchasing Webcast Products for information on how to obtain the Teradek VidiU for your stake or district.

Teradek VidiU Front Controls 

You will need to know how the front controls work to complete the initial setup.


Red Button

  • Button press = start/stop streaming
  • Button press in menu screens = cancel/exit

Black Joystick/Button

  • Button press = select
  • Up and down = navigate vertically through menus
  • Right = go deeper into the menu
  • Left = return to the previous menu level


Teradek VidiU Hardware Setup

  1. Connect an HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the Teradek VidiU and then connect the other end into the webcast video source:
  1. Connect the 3.5 mm stereo audio input to your Audio Source:
  • Chapel sound output (typically from the satellite cabinet or technology closet).
  • A separate second microphone on the pulpit (please see Audio Setup Overview).
  • Note: Running sound through an audio mixer is recommended for best volume control. See Using an Audio Mixer.
  1. Connect a network cable from a meetinghouse network jack into the Teradek VidiU.
  2. Connect the Teradek VidiU to power using the AC power adapter.
  3. Slide the power switch on.
  4. The screen will light up and the VidiU by Teradek logo will display during the boot-up process, which can take a few minutes.
  5. During boot up, the Teradek VidiU encoder will automatically check for new firmware. If you are prompted with “Update Available,” please see Checking Teradek VidiU Firmware for the recommended firmware and installation instructions.


Configuring the Teradek VidiU for Webcasting

The standard Meetinghouse Webcast 3.0 features an Automatic Configuration mode. When your webcast event is setup in the webcast portal, the Teradek VidiU will be automatically configured. If you have not setup the Teradek VidiU for automatic configuration, please see “Set Up the Teradek VidiU for Auto Configuration (one-time Setup)” in the How-to Guide for Meetinghouse Webcast 3.0

If you are not using automatic configuration mode and want to configure the Teradek VidiU manually, please use Mode: Manual, which is shown in “Configure Teradek VidiU Broadcast Settings.”

Install a Supported Firmware Version

  1. Please see “Improving Broadcasts: Checking Teradek VidiU Firmware” for the recommended firmware and install instructions. 

For additional support, contact the Global Service Center.