Video Signal Converters

Last Updated: 2 July 2019 at 11:34

Video signal converters are devices which convert from one video signal to another. Because the Teradek VidiU webcast encoder only receives HDMI input, a video signal converter is required to connect a video camera with a composite source (e.g., RCA jack) to the webcast encoder directly (or indirectly through a composite video distribution system, commonly found in meetinghouses). There are many video signal converters available online and through local resellers. See Purchasing Webcast Products for our recommendations.

Composite to HDMI Converters

Because webcast cameras and cabling vary from location to location, we will document the general way video signal converters are used. The basic concept is that we need to convert an analog (typically composite yellow RCA) connection to an HDMI connection in order to connect video to the Teradek VidiU webcast encoder.

  1. Connect a composite video cable (RCA) from the composite output on the camera (or video distribution system) to the composite input on the converter.
  2. Connect to power using the included power adapter.
  3. Connect an HDMI cable from the adapter’s HDMI output to the VidiU’s HDMI input.
  • Verify that the webcast encoder now displays a video source. If “No Video” is displayed, you may need to change settings on the video signal converter. Some video converters have controls to change resolution output and input source. Refer to the manufacturer's documentation for instructions on these features. 

Audio can be connected directly to the 3.5 mm audio input on the webcast encoder. Some video signal converters have audio input and embedded audio in HDMI output. 

HDMI Equipped Buildings:

HDMI wiring is part of the new building standard plans, but there is currently no plan to upgrade existing meetinghouse to this standard before their normal replacement cycles. Do not put pressure on the FM Group to upgrade your building to HDMI wiring.  

  • If your meetinghouse has been wired for an HDMI video distribution system, you will not need a video signal converter.
  • If your building is not wired with a video distribution system but your camera features HDMI output, you will not need a video signal converter as the video camera can connect directly to the Teradek VidiU encoder using an HDMI cable. HDMI cable runs should be no longer that 50 feet. For longer cable runs, consider researching methods for running HDMI signals over long distances. 

For additional support, contact the Global Service Center (GSC).