Access and Approvals

Last Updated: 2 November 2018 at 10:20

The Welfare Resources website is available to local leadership—including the bishop, his counselors, and the Relief Society president—and other adult ward members the bishop has authorized to help prepare orders. 

These ward members have permission to perform the following actions within the online tool: 

Bishop: May initiate, prepare, and approve orders. May also obtain ward-level reports. 

Counselors in the bishopric: May initiate and prepare orders. May provide contingency approval when the bishop is unavailable. May also obtain ward-level reports.

Ward clerk: May view ward-level reports and the list of orders approved by counselors in the bishopric that are awaiting bishop approval.

Relief Society president: May initiate and prepare orders. May also obtain ward-level reports.

Designated order preparers (approved adult ward members other than those already listed): May initiate and prepare orders. 

Stake presidency members and stake clerk: May obtain stake-level reports and ward-level reports for each unit in the stake.