Ward and Branch Leaders

Last Updated: 31 May 2018 at 12:00

Ward and branch leaders, including counselors, clerks, and secretaries, view a menu providing access to all actions necessary for their role. The name of the leader is displayed with his calling and ecclesiastical unit. If a leader has multiple assignments, an arrow is displayed to switch between assignments. Click on linked menu items below for further descriptions.


Leaders monitor patriarchal blessing activity for the unit. Review and edit blessing recommends as they are prepared for patriarchs, and review the progress of leader approvals and blessing creation. Read more...


Create blessing recommends for members of the ward or branch. Read more...


Bishops, and branch presidents may delegate to their counselors some of the responsibilities of submitting recommends.


View notifications generated by the system and sent from headquarters.


Refresh the data in the Patriarchal Blessings System by syncing with the unit records in the Member Leader Services (MLS). Click here if a unit member’s name does not appear when attempting to create a recommend.


This menu item allows users to get help while using the system.