Last Updated: 31 May 2018 at 12:00

The overview page displays lists of information about the progress and status of recommends and blessing. To print a list, at the top right of the list, click the printer icon. Below is a brief description of each list as well as statuses that may appear for items in those lists.

  • Patriarchs and scribes view only the last three lists.
  • Ward and branch leaders view information about members from their unit.
  • Area, stake, and mission leaders view blessing and recommend information about all members of units in their stewardship.

Recommends in Progress List

This list displays recommends that are being prepared and is visible to all leaders except patriarchs and scribes. Items in this list display one of the following statuses:

  • In Progress. The recommend has been started and saved, but it is not yet complete.
  • Local Approval. The recommend needs approval from the area, stake, or mission, to which the recipient’s unit is assigned.
  • Q12 Approval. The recommend requires approval from the Office of the Quorum of the Twelve. These cases are rare.
  • Remote Approval. The recommended patriarch requires approval from another area, stake, or mission.
  • Ready for Submission. The recommend information has been entered and verified by a leader who does not have rights to submit. The recommend is ready to be submitted to the patriarch by a leader with submission rights.

Recommends Submitted List

This list displays recommends that have been submitted to an assigned patriarch. Items in this list display one of the following statuses:

  • Submitted. The leader has submitted the recommend to the patriarch.
  • Expiring Soon. The warning date of expiration for the recommend has been reached and will expire soon. By default, recommends expire after 90 days. This value may be adjusted by the area, stake, or mission president for those units that report directly to him. The member should contact the patriarch and set an appointment before the expiration time. If an appointment has not been made by 45 days, the member’s bishop or branch president will begin receiving weekly warning notifications. If a recommend expires, it is automatically canceled and removed from the system.

Blessings in Progress List

This list displays blessings that are being scheduled, transcribed, or modified. Items in this list display one of the following statuses:

  • Scheduled. The member has scheduled an appointment to receive his or her blessing with the patriarch.
  • In Transcription. The patriarch or scribe has begun transcribing the blessing.
  • In Transcription (with open folder icon). The blessing has been reopened, and corrections are being made.
  • Ready for Submission. The scribe has completed transcribing the blessing. At this point, the patriarch can submit and print the blessing.

Blessings Submitted List

This list displays blessings that have been submitted to the Church. Blessings will be available in this list for 60 days. While the blessing remains in this list, the patriarch may reopen the blessing to make any needed changes.