Assigning Paper Recommends

Last Updated: 6 September 2018 at 14:21

If a unit is not using the Patriarchal Blessings System to create recommends and generates a paper recommend which recommends using a patriarch from another area, stake, or mission that does use the system, the patriarch’s leader may create a recommend through the Patriarchal Blessings System. This will allow the patriarch to process the blessing electronically.

Area, stake, and mission presidents can add recommends for members outside of their stake by clicking the Recommend menu item.


Step 1: Select the blessing recipient.

Enter the member’s membership record number:

Step 2: Assign a patriarch.

An area, stake, or mission president will only be able to assign a patriarch who is assigned to his unit. He may choose from a list of functioning or nonfunctioning patriarchs in the stake:

Step 3: Review and submit the recommend.

When all previous steps have been completed, review and submit the recommend to the patriarch.