Stake and Area Leaders

Last Updated: 3 January 2019 at 12:50

Stake and area leaders, including counselors, clerks, and secretaries, view a menu providing access to all actions necessary for their role. The name of the leader is displayed with his calling and ecclesiastical unit. If a leader has multiple assignments, an arrow is displayed to switch between assignments. Click the linked menu items below for further descriptions.

To create electronic recommends for members of other units that do not use the Patriarchal Blessings System, click Create Recommend in the upper right corner. 


An area or stake president monitors the recommends and blessings of the area or stake in this section, which displays lists of recommends in progress, recommends submitted, blessings in progress, and blessings submitted. Read more...


The area or stake president can review blessings given by the stake patriarch up to a year after the blessing has been submitted. Blessings will be archived 60 days after submission. 


The area or stake president can help the patriarch process blessings.


As an area or stake president, set the expiration time frame on recommends. By default, recommends will expire 90 days after being issued. A warning notification will be sent to the bishop and patriarch at 45 days. In Settings, leaders can also delegate responsibilities to counselors, add assignments of scribes to patriarchs, and request new patriarchs or changes to the status of assigned patriarchs.


This menu item allows users to get help while using the system.