Other Software and Tools

Last Updated: 3 September 2020 at 10:23

A technology specialist should verify that all software used on clerk computers complies with the guidelines below.

Clerk computers are to be used for Church purposes only—specifically, to manage membership information and finances. Almost all software products used for Church purposes are available from the Church via download or webpage. Additional software is not generally needed.

If a local unit has unique needs which require additional software to perform Church functions, the clerk should get approval from the stake president.  

If the stake president approves the use of additional software on the clerk computer, it is recommended that the clerk use browser-based products rather than installed applications or programs. Doing so helps prevent potential licensing issues, security issues, support issues, and data privacy issues.

When using third-party software not provided by the Church, do not store personally identifiable information on local drives.

Occasionally, Church headquarters will do audits of local computers without notifying the local unit technology specialist and remove applications which violate these guidelines from the hard drive.  

If a unique need requires additional software not provided by the Church, the Church recommends using free software applications like OpenOffice, when possible, to keep costs down and to reduce the burden of keeping license agreement records. 

Exceptions to these guidelines include:

Internet browsers

All clerk computers will include the standard Microsoft Edge browser. The following browsers are also authorized:

  • Chrome: An internet browser developed by Google.
  • Firefox: An internet browser developed by Mozilla.

Utilities and plug-ins

  • Adobe Reader: A program that allows you to view and print PDF files.
  • Foxit Reader: A lightweight alternative to Adobe Reader for viewing and printing PDF files.
  • CutePDF: A print driver that allows documents to be saved as PDFs and stored on the hard drive, rather than printed, in order to save paper and toner.
  • Adobe Flash Player: A plug-in that enables certain types of content to display correctly in your internet browser.
  • PhotoScape: Free photo-editing software. Provides features such as crop, straighten, red-eye removal, add text, retouch, and so forth. With this software, you can prepare photos of ward or branch members to post on a meetinghouse bulletin board or to upload to the unit’s online directory on ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

Operating systems

  • All Church-owned desktops ship from the manufacturer with a Microsoft operating system (OS) installed. The only supported OS version is Windows 10 Professional. 
  • Windows 10 computers come licensed from the manufacturer. However, these licenses are stored digitally on the device; there may be no visual indication present.