Technology Manager Updates

Last Updated: 31 August 2017 at 10:03

Technology Manager Updates

Technology Manager ( has been revised to support the new network meetinghouse standard v2 firewall. The TM interface was updated to support the management of the new firewall and wireless access point including activation and other features.

NOTE: The changes listed below are only seen in TM for the new replacement firewalls (identifiable in TM by network Serial # xxxx-xxxx-xxxx including dash characters, and by Model # MX64).

List of TM changes:

  • NETWORK: This tab includes a drop-down arrow where a user can select either ZONE SUBNETS or IP SUBNETS:

    • ZONE SUBNETS: This page shows the IP range assignments for each network subnet. If a Special Purpose Zone was created on the network (e.g., for an official Family History Center), the network zone name is “SP” (rather than the previous “VPN” name).
    • IP SUBNETS: This page allows users to assign IP addresses from the static IP range to specific devices by MAC address, and provide a custom name for each assigned device. The page includes a Zone drop-down list to allow users to select the network zone for assigning static IP addresses.
  • DEVICES: The "ACCESS POINTS" tab was renamed to "DEVICES". This tab includes a drop-down arrow where a user can select either ACCESS POINTS or SWITCHES:

    • SWITCHES: This page is used for viewing information about network switches (only for specific switches provided by the project if needed). This page will not show information about existing unmanaged meetinghouse switches.
    • ACCESS POINTS: This page is used for viewing information about installed wireless access points, and to Enable or Disable them.
  • USAGE STATISTICS: Network usage statistics are not yet available for the new replacement firewalls. It will be provided on this tab when they become available.
  • NOTES: The "INTERNET PROVIDER" tab was renamed to "NOTES". Any existing INTERNET PROVIDER notes are consolidated into a single NOTES field (which is limited to 400 characters). Also, a date and time stamp is now added below the NOTES field showing the last time the content was updated.

8/31/2017: The following features are included in Technology Manager:

  • DASHBOARD is the default home screen, and shows the network devices of a user home stake/district. The Dashboard shows basic information, and users may select a network or device to view or manage the network/device. Users in specific Church positions may have access to a drop-down “Tools” menu for doing specific actions (like enable/disable network wireless).
  • SEARCH. By default, Technology Manager shows devices associated with a user’s stake or district buildings. For users holding specific technical positions (e.g., Global Service Center) a global “SEARCH” feature is available for finding a unit name or number, firewall serial number, property number, network IP Address or satellite receiver UA #. The search feature is now located at the top of the TM screen on a PC (or in the Menu on a handheld device).