In-Depth STS Satellite System Checklist

Last Updated: 9 September 2016 at 15:59

This Satellite System check is intended to help stake technology specialists (STS), local facilities management (FM) groups, and Church headquarters to assess the health of the Satellite system, and make repairs and system improvements before they become critical.

The STS should complete the Simplified Checklist once per year, and email the results and any pertinent pictures to the Satellite Support Team for review. The Satellite Support Team will review the checklist and pictures for any problems, and make recommendations to the FM group to correct any issues. In some cases where an issue is present but the cause cannot be determined, the Satellite Support Team will request that the FM group complete an additional, more in-depth checklist. Upon completion of the in-depth checklist by the FM group, they will email the results and photos to the Satellite Support Team for review. After review of the in-depth checklist, the Satellite Support Team will issue a report of its findings and recommended course for correction of any problems.

If the in-depth checklist is not required, the Satellite Support Team will make recommendations to the FM group based upon the review of the Simplified Checklist.

The checklist is organized so that each numbered section contains a titled defining what is being checked, followed by a reporting box and instructions for completing the check.  You should complete each item in the checklist by following the directions indicated and recording the results in the Reporting box as the instructions direct.

Many sections also contain sample pictures and are provided as a guide.  While the equipment in your system may vary, please ensure that the pictures you return with your checklist follow the same format as the sample pictures.

Additionally, this checklist includes the Satellite Cabinet Information sheet and should be placed in the satellite cabinet providing information about the system that may be needed when calling for support as well as a place for recording information about the system throughout the year. Each year when the system check is completed, the Satellite Cabinet Information sheet should be replaced with the most current information.

When the checklist is completed, email it along with the pictures taken during the system check to  Any deficiencies found will be reported to the FM group so they can be fixed.

If at any time during the system check you have questions, please contact the Global Help Center (801-240-3454, options 1, 3, 4.)

Download a printable copy of the checklist.