Satellite Removal FAQ

Last Updated: 12 November 2020 at 16:50

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do I need to make sure the satellite receiver is correctly activated and assigned in Technology Manager (TM) to the meetinghouse property?

It is critical that satellite receivers are associated with the proper meetinghouses in Technology Manager ( because this information will be used to determine which satellite systems need to be removed and which have already been removed. If TM indicates that there is an active satellite dish somewhere where there is no dish, then the Church will incur unnecessary costs for having a technician travel to remove it. Or if a dish is at a meetinghouse, but TM doesn’t show an active dish in that location, then no one will come to pick it up. Please activate systems in all locations where a dish exists and deactivate in all locations where a dish no longer exists.

Updating TM will reduce unnecessary expenses incurred by the Church for technician visits to meetinghouses. If assistance is needed making changes in TM, contact the GSD. 

2. How will stakes determine if they can stream Church broadcasts?

The most effective way to determine a building’s reliability to stream Church broadcasts is to test the system during an actual broadcast. This can be done during any Church broadcast or other livestreaming events. Please see all upcoming events available for streaming at An online Streaming Evaluation Guide is available that will walk stake leaders through broadcast viewing questions and provide customized bandwidth, streaming hardware, and testing recommendations based on the specific answers provided. 

Only those stakes that believe they have insufficient bandwidth should use the Streaming Evaluation Guide and submit a Request for Assistance form.

3. What do I do if I have multiple satellite-enabled meetinghouses in my stake?

Stakes will need to determine if broadcasts can be reliably streamed over the internet at each meetinghouse where satellite is currently installed. If it is determined broadcasts can be streamed, no further action will be required by stake leaders, and the satellite system will be removed in 2021. Stakes that have meetinghouses where broadcast streaming is not feasible will need to request information on alternative broadcast technology options by completing the online Request for Assistance form for each building.

4. Will the ability to deliver video for stake conference (i.e., webcasting) be impacted by this change?

No. The removal of the satellite system from meetinghouses will not impact or change the stake’s ability to deliver stake conference. Removal of the satellite system only affects the delivery of Church broadcasts such as general conference and other special events that stakes make available for members to view in meetinghouses utilizing satellite.

5. If the satellite is removed, how will I watch temple dedications?

An alternative solution will be made available to units approved to participate in temple dedications. 

6. What should I do if my building does not have sufficient bandwidth to support streaming? Should I request the FM increase the internet bandwidth to support streaming?

No. Please complete the online Request for Assistance form. A representative from the Church’s broadcast support team will discuss broadcast options available at meetinghouses that cannot stream and will work with the stake to determine the best solution.  

7. If stakes already have a streaming device, do they need to purchase a new streaming device?

No. If stakes already have a streaming device for each building where broadcasts will be received, there is no need to spend additional funds for additional devices. Those stakes that do not have a streaming device already can request one by completing the Request for Streaming Receiver form before the end of 2020, and a receiver device will be made available.