Roles and Responsibilities

Last Updated: 31 October 2016 at 13:15

The Directory has just two roles: member and administrator. Administrator privileges are based on the calling assigned to you in MLS/LCR.

Types of Administrators

The directory has three types of administrators, each with different rights:

  • Ward administrators: Can edit profile information and photos for anyone in the ward. Can export directory information.

  • Website administrators: Can edit photos but not profile information for anyone in the ward.

  • Stake administrators: Can export directory information.

Callings in MLS/LCR that give ward administrative access to the directory are:


Bishopric first counselor

Bishopric second counselor

Ward executive secretary

Ward clerk

Ward assistant clerk

Ward assistant clerk - finance

Ward assistant clerk - membership

Callings in MLS/LCR that give stake administrative access to the directory are:

Stake president

Stake presidency first counselor

Stake presidency second counselor

Stake executive secretary

Stake assistant executive secretary

Stake clerk

Stake assistant clerk

Stake assistant clerk - finance

Stake assistant clerk - membership

Stake assistant clerk - technology specialist

Stake website administrator

Stake building specialist

Adding Administrators