Who Can Use Personal Video Conferencing (PVC)

Last Updated: 9 October 2017 at 16:48

Who Can Use PVC?       

The following individuals are authorized to use Personal Video Conferencing (PVC):

  • LDS Church employees
  • Seventies (all Quorums)
  • Area presidencies and executive secretaries
  • Temple presidencies and executive secretaries
  • Mission presidencies and executive secretaries
  • MTC presidencies and secretaries
  • Stakes presidencies, executive secretaries, and clerks
  • Stake high councilors
  • Stake technology specialists
  • Assistant stake technology specialists
  • Area technology specialists
  • Bishops, bishopric counselors, and ward executive secretaries
  • Visitors' center directors
  • Historic site directors
  • Area medical and health advisors

All individuals listed above may request a PVC Account by logging in to pvc.lds.org with their LDS Account credentials. Current calling and Church-employment-status information is stored in LDS Accounts; the system automatically authorizes approved users.

At this time, Utah-based stake and ward leaders are not automatically authorized for PVC accounts. Because these leaders generally live in close proximity to one another, they have less need to communicate over long distances via PVC. If Utah-based leaders have a legitimate need for PVC, they may request PVC Accounts on an exception basis by contacting the Global Service Center (GSC).

How Are Guests Invited to PVC?

It is permissible to invite guests who are not authorized users to PVC meetings so long as the purpose is to conduct Church business or ecclesiastical work. For example, a bishop may wish to hold a ward council meeting using PVC. Since auxiliary leaders are not currently authorized for PVC, the bishop can click or tap the Invite by Email link and send an invitation to members of the ward council. Those not authorized to use PVC can then join the meeting as guests on a PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, or mobile device.

Note: PVC is not to be used for any personal purposes.

When Is It Appropriate to Use PVC?

Some examples of meetings that could be held with PVC include the following:

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Presidency meetings
  • Council meetings
  • Training sessions

PVC is not to be used for highly confidential meetings such as disciplinary councils.

Again, PVC is intended for conducting Church business and ecclesiastical work. It is not to be used for personal communication with family or friends. Other products such as Skype and Google Video Chat are excellent choices for making personal video calls.