Photo Upload Guidelines

Last Updated: 31 October 2016 at 13:15

Policy and Principles

Before uploading photos of individuals and families, please verify the following:

  • The member has the right to display the photo.  Verify no copyright infringement, especially regarding professional studio photographs.
  • The photo does not display trademarks or the intellectual property of others. The photo should not appear to promote products or services nor should it display registered marks.
  • All individuals in the photo have given their consent to its posting.  If an individual is a minor, the minor's parent or legal guardian must grant consent.
  • The photo complies with Church standards.  The photo does not express opinions, make political statements and is in compliance with Church standards including modesty and honesty.
  • The photo should accurately depict the individual.  The photo should not be modified to alter the individual's appearance, should not impersonate others, be a caricature, and so forth.