My Account and Ward Menu: A Helpful Resource

Last Updated: 29 October 2019 at 08:50

Are you familiar with the My Account and Ward menu? If not, it’s a convenient navigation tool with quick links to some of the most frequented areas of, including your account settings, Leader and Clerk Resources, meetinghouse locator, and online payment of tithes and offerings (where available).

The My Account and Ward menu can be found in the top right corner of the site whether you are on a computer or a mobile device. This is also where you can sign in to access specific content for your account, ward, and stake. Keep reading for more details on what you can find in this easy-to-use menu.

Left Image: My Account and Ward menu on a computer. Right Image: My Account and Ward menu on a mobile device.

My Account

You’ll find a link to update your account settings and to reset your password and email address here. You can also see your assigned temple based on your stake, view your Family Tree for genealogy, request a copy of your patriarchal blessing and your deceased ancestors’ patriarchal blessings to have available to view and print, and open your online study notebook for scriptures and other content, such as general conference and lesson manuals.

My Ward

Here, you can easily access your ward directory, calendar, and ward map. Retrieving this information requires you to sign in with your LDS Account, which is tied to your membership record number, and is protected for secure viewing to those in your ward and stake. Do you want to pay your tithing online? Click on Donations from this menu and get started (currently available only to members within the United States).

If you are unable to view your ward and stake information, you may need to add your membership record number to your account. Learn how with LDS Account Help.

Tools and Support

Looking for a Distribution Center or need to purchase Church materials online? You can access the Online Store through the My Account and Ward menu. Ward and stake leaders, as well as ward council members, can also use the link to Leader and Clerk Resources here. You can also locate a meetinghouse or other Church-owned property.

Notice the Help Center? You’ll find answers to many of your questions by searching this comprehensive guide.

While there is usually more than one way to find what you are looking for on, we hope this helped you discover a new and simple way to access and use some of the resources available on the site.

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