Facility Issue Reporting FAQs

Facility Issue Reporting FAQs

  • How can I access the Facility Issue Reporting (FIR) tool on LDS.org?

    An LDS account is required to access the FIR system. If you need an LDS Account, you can set one up at https://ldsaccount.lds.org. The ward or stake clerk must also set up the user with the appropriate authorized position in Member and Leader Services (MLS) before they can access the FIR system. A list of authorized positions may be found here.

  • How do I report an issue to my Facilities Manager in FIR?

    In the FIR system, you can report an issue directly to the FM office. By using the ‘Report Issue’ screen, you can report all applicable information on a specific issue found in the facility and add pictures to help the Facilities Manager better understand the issue you are reporting. After you submit the issue, the system automatically notifies the FM immediately.

  • Why does the application want to use my device’s location?

    When using a device with GPS location capabilities, the application automatically detects the facility in which you are located. You can only report issues for facilities within your stewardship.

  • How do I add pictures to an issue when I report it?

    When reporting a new issue, you can attach up to three photos to the issue for later reference by the FM office. When using a mobile device with a camera, you have the option to take a picture or use a picture already saved on the device. If you are using FIR on your computer, a file browser opens to allow you to attach a file to the issue.

  • How do I find an issue that has been submitted?

    When using the FIR web application, filters are available to search for terms within an issue title, a facility, date reported, issue number, or reporter. This enables you to narrow results and aids in searching for previously reported issues.

  • Will I be notified of a new issue, or a change of status in my submitted issue?

    Yes. Notifications are sent via email to the reporter of an issue, the stake/district physical facilities representative, the facilities manager and administrative assistant, and other email addresses as requested in the ‘Optional Notification Email(s)’ field on each issue.  The system sends a notification when an issue is reported, and again when an issue reaches its final status (for example: Canceled, Duplicate, Closed).

  • Can I edit my issue after I submit it?

    A reported issue goes directly to the FM office after it is submitted. To help FMs manage their facilities effectively, you cannot edit an issue after it is submitted.

  • Can I cancel an issue that I reported?

    Facilities managers and administrative assistants can update an issue status to Cancelled, Duplicate, or Closed. If you reported an issue, but decide it was in error, please call the FM office.

  • What does the status on an issue indicate?
    • Submitted – The issue has been reported and sent to the FM office and is awaiting review.
    • Open – The issue has been reviewed by the FM office and is awaiting resolution.
    • Cancelled – The issue has been reviewed by the FM office and was not accepted.
    • Duplicate – The issue matches an already existing issue.
    • Closed – Work has been completed on the issue.
  • Can I delete old issues from the system?

    No, the FIR system maintains a record of all issues reported to FM offices. You can return to FIR at any time to view past issues. Options to filter and order the issues that display in the application are available to facilitate focused searches. You can also view issues by Status or Stake/District.

  • What happened to my issue? How do I know?

    You can use the ‘View Issues’ page to view updated information on a submitted issue. Clicking the Title of the issue directs you to a detailed view of the selected issue.  Resolution notes are available after the FM office updates the issues with a closed status.

  • How can I submit feedback on the mobile app? I found a bug in the mobile app, how do I report it?

    You may contact the Member/Leader Unit Support team using the following options:

    • by phone at 1-800-537-5932 (toll free in the US and Canada)
    • by phone at +1(801)240-3500 (in the Salt Lake City area, or outside the US and Canada)
    • by email at ​mlssupport@ldschurch.org
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