About Facility Issue Reporting (FIR)

Last Updated: 8 June 2016 at 08:46

Introduction to LDS FIR

Facility Issue Reporting (FIR) is an application that allows local unit leaders to report issues to local facilities management. A leaky faucet, a damaged wall, and a malfunctioning heating or cooling system are just a few examples of the maintenance work performed by local facilities management.

FIR simplifies the interactions between facilities management offices and local ecclesiastical leaders. It enables leaders to submit, track progress of, and view details of facilities issues in their respective buildings. Facilities managers can easily and instantly provide updates to unit leaders through the application.

Now Available for Mobile Devices

Based on FIR’s intended use and the broad adoption of mobile computing, a mobile experience was needed. This release of LDS FIR provides Apple and Android mobile applications and also a redesigned user interface on LDS.org that makes the website version of FIR more mobile friendly.

Key Features

  • GPS Capabilities. The application uses the device’s location to identify the facility where the issue is being reported. This makes it so the person reporting the issue does not need to spend time finding the correct location.
  • LDS Account Synchronization. The application automatically completes as much of the contact information as possible, based on the LDS Account used to access FIR.
  • Take and Submit Pictures. If the user’s mobile device is equipped with a camera, he or she can take a photo and automatically attach it to the report of the issue.
  • Redesigned User Interface. The LDS.org version has been redesigned to provide an experience similar to the mobile interface.
  • Internationalization and Language Support. In addition to supporting English, Portuguese, and Spanish through LDS.org, FIR now supports Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Download and Install LDS FIR

LDS FIR is available for the following devices:

Note: Android devices running versions older than 4.4 are not supported, and Apple devices running versions of iOS older than 6 are not supported.