Progress Record

Last Updated: 14 January 2020 at 11:55

Progress Record in Member Tools and LCR

The Progress Record is available to local leaders in the Member Tools app (for iOS and Android) as well as through Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) in those areas where local missionaries use the Area Book Planner mobile app.

How to View

In the Member Tools app:

  1. Tap the Reports icon.
  2. Tap Progress Record.

Who Has Access?

  • Mission presidencies
  • Stake presidencies
  • High councilors
  • Bishoprics
  • Stake and ward clerks
  • Executive secretaries
  • Ward council members, including their counselors and secretaries
  • Assistant ward mission leaders
  • Ward missionaries

What Information Is Available?

Local leaders can see the following people the missionaries are currently working with inside the ward’s geographic boundaries:

  • Potential members that missionaries mark as “Show on Progress Record” in the Area Book Planner app.
  • New members (confirmed in the last 24 months) 

With each person you can:

  • View contact information.
  • View status (for example, being taught or new member).
  • View what help is needed from the ward.
  • View fellowshippers.
  • View sacrament meeting attendance for the last six weeks (as recorded by the local missionaries).
  • See a history of the last 10 visits, including whether or not a member was present.
  • See the principles that have been taught to the person.

The information should be used appropriately and treated as sensitive by leaders to help ensure the data privacy of their ward members and the people being taught.