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Login and Sync

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Update Information

  • How can I update my contact information?

    To update your contact information as well as your individual or household photo or privacy settings, select yourself from the directory and select Edit. Ward clerks can update household street addresses and member names on the Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) site by selecting the member from the Member List and then selecting View Member Profile.

  • How do I update my household location on the map?

    To update your household location on the map, access the Ward Map on and select your name in the directory listing, and then select the Change Location link.

  • How do I add or update calendar events?

    Currently, you can only add or edit calendar events through the Calendar on

  • The Serving Missionaries list is incorrect; how do I fix it?

    You may notice missionaries missing from the Serving Missionaries list, or you may see missionaries listed there who do not belong in your unit. This is common if a missionary’s family has changed units since the missionary was called. If the issue persists after you have tried closing and reopening LDS Tools and performing a sync, please ask your clerk to update the missionaries’ Church unit information in the Missionary Online Recommendation System. Ward clerks may contact Local Unit Support for additional assistance.

  • The Assigned Missionaries list is incorrect; how do I fix it?

    The Assigned Missionaries list contains all full-time missionaries serving in your unit. It is common for this list to become incorrect, especially after missionary transfers have occurred. If the issue persists after you have tried closing and reopening LDS Tools and performing a sync, please ask your clerk to contact the local mission office so that this information can be updated in the Internet Mission Office System.

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Privacy and Visibility

  • Why can’t other members in my ward or stake see me in the directory?

    Verify your privacy settings by selecting yourself from the directory. Then select Edit and verify and update your visibility settings as desired.

  • Why are members of my ward or branch not listed in the directory?

    Members can choose to allow some or all of their individual or household photos and contact information to display. In certain countries, due to data privacy laws, all members are opted out by default (in other words, their information is not shown), and members have to opt in to make their information available. If members choose to opt out, their information will be available only to leaders.

  • Why am I seeing birth dates and other private membership information for members in my ward?

    Members of stake presidencies, bishoprics, stake and ward clerks, executive secretaries, and ward council members, including their counselors and secretaries, are provided with additional membership data and reports. This information is provided to assist these leaders in their callings to minister to their ward members. The information should be used appropriately and treated as sensitive by these leaders to help ensure the data privacy of their ward members.

  • Why can’t I view information for members outside of my stake or district?

    You are only allowed to view information for members who are in your stake or district or in stakes or districts in which you have a calling. This includes any members that you may have added to a custom list. If a member that is in your custom list moves out of your stake or district, they will be removed from the list the next time you sync your data.

  • Why can’t I keep notes about members in LDS Tools?

    In support of the Church’s data privacy policy, LDS Tools does not allow users to record notes about members.

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Missing or Incomplete Data

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