Meetinghouse Telephones Overview (U.S. and Canada)

Last Updated: 15 July 2019 at 11:53

Where needed, telephone systems have been installed in meetinghouses to enable bishops, clerks, leaders, and members to contact other members or family for church purposes. Additional phone lines are also often installed for fire alarm systems, security systems, and elevators in buildings where such systems and equipment are necessary.

A project is underway to remove all nonessential phone lines. This project is only in the U.S. and Canada.

If there is a problem with telephone wiring, if a handset stops working, or if a stake president would like additional telephone wiring installed in a meetinghouse, the stake president should work with his FM group. Please note that the FM group is not responsible for providing newer phone handsets, hands-free headsets, or cordless phones; providing those is the responsibility of the stake.

If a stake president would like to request the addition or removal of phone line services, he may contact the Church’s Global Telecommunications Management Services (GTMS) group at or 801-240-9966. The GTMS group may, for example, be consulted with requests for adding or removing voice mail or call forwarding.

Local units should periodically audit phone services to ensure they are paying only for services they need (see the article “Help with Phone Service”).