Audio Conferencing

Last Updated: 16 September 2016 at 10:04

Audio Conferencing for US Domestic Units

The Church has a Contract with Verizon Business for basic Audio Conference Service. This “Instant Conference” service allows units, generally stakes and districts but could include other units as well, to initiate an audio conference with up to 20 participants by simply dialing into a toll free number and entering a password.  No reservation is required. This can be used for many Church-related purposes. Primarily, it can serve as an audio backup during webcast events. 

Under the current agreement the cost of the service is 2.5 cents per minute per user on the conference. This includes toll free access from anywhere in the US. For example a 60 minute conference with ten participants would be:

10 participants X 60 minutes X $0.025 = $15.00.

There are no monthly recurring costs or other costs associated with the service. It is possible that these costs could vary over time with changing conditions and new agreements. 

How to Setup Service:

  1. Send an email to with the request to establish an Instant Meeting Subaccount under the Master Account for the LDS Church—Verizon will know the Master Account. You can also call Verizon Audio Conference Customer Service at  800-475-0600 if you have questions.
  2. The email should include the unit name, contact name, phone number and email, and address to send the bill.
  3. The Verizon service center will set up the account and send instructions to the unit.
  4. Bills will go direct to the local unit.
  5. Payment for the service is the responsibility of the Church unit obtaining and using the service