New — Meetinghouse Webcast

Last Updated: 29 July 2020 at 13:57

Release Summary

A new version of Meetinghouse Webcast will be released August 1, 2020. General release notes and a summary of new features and functionality are provided below.

Unless otherwise noted, the Meetinghouse Webcast system setup, operation, and event management instructions outlined in the Meetinghouse Webcast 3.0 documentation still apply.

Release Notes:

  • Low Bandwidth Mode toggle button will be eliminated from the event scheduling tool. Event managers with low-bandwidth needs should be aware of the following:
    • Viewing Locations: If a receiving location has low bandwidth, the individual viewing player will automatically adjust to accommodate local conditions. 
    • Origination Site: Encoder video bit rate should be configured based on available internet upload speed. You can find more information on selecting the proper encoder video bit rate in the “Webcast Network Health and Encoder Settings” article. 
  • Large Event toggle button will be eliminated from the event scheduling tool. Meetinghouse Webcast will automatically scale to support larger events (see “Increased Concurrent Viewer Count”). 
  • Audio Bit Rate Setting should be set as follows for optimal system performance:
  • Low Bandwidth = 48Kbps (less than 7Mbps internet upload speed)
  • Recommended = 96Kbps
  • Maximum = 128Kbps 

New Features and Functionality:

  • Increased Concurrent Viewer Count
  • Congregational Viewing Resiliency
  • Public and Private Events
  • Organization Event Home Page
  • Post-Event Viewing

Increased Concurrent Viewer Count

Webcast cloud resources will automatically scale to support over 3,000 concurrent webcast viewing connections. 

Congregational Viewing Resiliency

Congregational viewing locations will automatically switch to a secondary server if the primary server fails.  

NOTE: Only congregational viewing locations should use the congregational viewing link, since the secondary server will support only 10 connections. More information about congregational viewing can be found in the “Manage Building Locations” and “Connecting the Webcast to Receiving Locations” sections of the Meetinghouse Webcast 3.0 documentation.

Public and Private Events

 Event managers can schedule an event as public or private.

  • Public: All events are public by default. Remote viewers can watch public events without logging in with their Church Account.
  • Private: Event managers click the Private Event toggle when scheduling a private event in the webcast portal. Remote viewers are required to log in with a Church account and event code to view private events. 

Viewers can provide feedback for public events by clicking Feedback  on the event player launch page. For private events, feedback can be provided on the player launch page or through a post-event email that is sent automatically to remote viewers.

Organization Event Home Page

Each webcast organization (such as a stake) has a unique viewing home page. This home page will provide individual viewers with a portal where they can access and view all events that have been scheduled by the event manager (see image below). 

Private and public events will both display on the organization event home page.


Event managers can find the organization event home page link in two locations on the webcast portal (

Main Dashboard:

NOTE: You can change the home page link by clicking the edit icon on the dashboard. If the link is changed, the event manager will need to send the new link to remote viewers so that they can access the new organization home page.

Event Setup Instructions:

Post-Event Viewing

Post-event viewing (video on demand) is now supported. Event managers who want to allow post-event viewing will need to send the post-event viewing link or event code to approved viewers. The link and code will be available after the event is completed. Viewers can find them by selecting the event detail card in the Completed Events section of the webcast portal ( and clicking Watch Event .   

Viewing Link—Used to watch post-event content with a web browser

Event Code—Used to watch post-event content with the Meetinghouse Webcast app

Post-event viewing will be available for approximately 24 hours after the event is completed.