Meetinghouse Webcast App

Last Updated: 25 June 2020 at 14:52

The Meetinghouse Webcast app is now available on the Google Play Store and works on most Android TV devices. This solution offers an affordable, reliable, and easy to use option for webcast receive locations.  

Why Use the Meetinghouse Webcast App?

The Meetinghouse Webcast App requires little technical knowledge to set up and operate. This is important at remote viewing locations where the STS cannot be onsite to provide support. The most commonly used webcast receive device is a laptop. Common issues associated with laptops, such as those listed below, are eliminated when using the app. 

Common Laptop Issues:

  • Extending the laptop display to the projector  
  • Adjusting the laptop display resolution to match the projector  
  • Configuring the webcast player to full-screen mode 
  • Unexpected online data syncs (for example, OneDrive, iCloud, or Dropbox) 
  • Untimely system updates   

The app, and associated hardware, were developed and optimized for online streaming and will provide a reliable broadcast experience.  

Android TV devices are also much more affordable than laptops, with many options between $50.00 and $150.00.  

How It Works:

Purchase an Android TV device through a local store or online retailer (see recommended specs) or the Church’s online store. Local leaders can also request a device from their assigned Church facilities manager.  

Set up the device using the instructions provided by the manufacturer.  

  1. Install the Meetinghouse Webcast app. 
  2. Register the device with the Church’s webcast system. 
  3. Watch the webcast in the app with a single button push. 

Recommended Android TV Device Specs

Operating System: Android 9.0 or higher

RAM: 4GB DDR3 or higher

Storage: 16GB eMMC or greater

LAN Interface: 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet 1Gbps

HDMI Port: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes (wireless mouse and keyboard support if needed)

Video Compression: H.264(AVC) & H.265(HEVC)

Processor (CPU): 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU or higher

  • Determining the processor speed may require online research, since it may not be provided in the Android TV device specs.

Step 1: Install the Meetinghouse Webcast App

  1. Locate the Google Play Store app in the device menus.
  2. At the top of the Google Play screen, select the search icon
  3. In the search box, search for “Meetinghouse Webcast.”
  4. Select the Meetinghouse Webcast app.
  5. Select Install.

Step 2: Register the Android TV Device on the Webcast Portal

NOTE: Registering the app is recommended but not required. Registered apps will automatically have access to any scheduled broadcasts associated with their organization. Unregistered apps will not have access to a broadcast without the per event registration code. For information on viewing a broadcast without registering, click here.

  1. From a computer or mobile device go to the Meetinghouse Webcast Portal
  2. Select Playback Devices. 
    Note the REG- number provided as this will be needed below.
  3. Open the Meetinghouse Webcast   app.
  4. Select Register Device.
  5. Enter REG- number from webcast portal.
  6. Enter the Device Name/Location.
  7. Select Register.

When your app is registered, you will see the device in the Playback Devices list on the Webcast Portal.

Step 3: Watch the Webcast

Registered Apps:

  1. Open the Meetinghouse Webcast app.
  2. On the Events screen, click on the event icon.
  3. Click on Watch and the event will start playing.

Unregistered Apps:

  1. Open the Meetinghouse Webcast app.
  2. On the Welcome to Meetinghouse Webcast screen, click Find Event.
  3. On the Find Event page, enter the event code for the webcast.
    (Event Managers can find the event code in the webcast portal by clicking on Setup for an event and on the Viewing URLs tab the code will be listed under Portal Login.)
  4. On the scheduled event screen, click on Watch and the event will start playing. 

If the event has not started yet, viewers will see a Church video with a message showing the event start time after selecting “Watch.”

Support: Best Practices  


To improve reliability at the receiving location, it is recommended that event managers do the following:

  • Disable  the wireless signal in the meetinghouse through Technology Manager.  Click  here  for more information.  
  • Always have the  Android TV  receiving device  connected to a network  cable  during an event.  

Device Home Screen  

It is recommended that event managers  remove  unneeded apps  from the device home screen to  reduce  distractions and confusion  for individuals setting up for an event.  

Restricted Mode  

As an option to  prevent  others from downloading unnecessary apps on the device, it  may be beneficial to  set the device  to  restricted mode.  

Support: Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there recommended Android TV devices?

There are many devices that will work with the Meetinghouse Webcast app. It is recommended you find a device that can be purchased locally through a store or online retailer. See recommended specs for a list of hardware and software requirements. These are some devices to consider: 

  • Xiaomi Mi Box S 4k HDR (requires USB to Ethernet adapter cable)
  • Nvidia Shield TV

Is this required for meetinghouse webcasts?

No. Receiving sites can continue using laptops or other devices to receive meetinghouse webcast events.

Is there an Apple version of this app?

No. This app is available only on the Google Android TV platform.  

Who pays for the Android TV device required to use the app?

The local unit will be responsible to pay for the Android TV device unless the facilities manager has budget to assist with the purchase.

Why don’t I see the Meetinghouse Webcast app in the Google Play Store?

The app will be available only when accessing the Google Play Store on a device categorized on the store as “Android TV.” The app will not be available for download on mobile phones. If you have purchased an Android TV device but the app doesn’t appear, you will need to contact the manufacturer for resolution. 

Do I need a Google account?

Yes, you will need a Google account to initially set up the Android TV device and download the Meetinghouse Webcast app. 

Should I update the Android TV device system software?

Yes; when you first activate the device, you should install any available system updates. 

Can I use the app and Android TV device to broadcast my event?

No, the app is for event receiving locations only. 

How do I get audio from the device to my meetinghouse sound system?

Your meetinghouse audio system will determine what will be required to integrate audio from the Android TV device. Options available may include: 

  • Connecting HDMI from the Android TV device to your projector and taking audio out from the projector to the sound system. 
  • Purchasing an Android TV device with audio outputs. This will significantly reduce the number of devices available for purchase. 
  • Purchasing an HDMI converter.

The options above may require additional cables or hardware. Do not lay a microphone next to the projector speaker for audio in the chapel; doing so would provide a poor experience for those watching the event. 

Is there an advantage to purchasing the Android TV device through the Church’s online store?

No. The device offered through the online store does not come preconfigured with the Meetinghouse Webcast app or any other Church software. The device is made available through the online store for leaders who cannot purchase a device locally or don’t have the financial resources to purchase the device and get reimbursed. There is limited stock available in the Church’s online store.