How to select a preset on the Cisco satellite receiver

Last Updated: 28 August 2018 at 10:20


When an FM group receives a new Cisco receiver, they will need to select a preset (a profile containing satellite carrier information) based on their location and where their dish is pointed.

This setup process is needed because Cisco isn't responsible for selecting an FM Group's carrier information. When the FM receives it, they will simply select the preset to establish a signal with the satellite in order for the receiver to be registered.

Using either the remote or the front of the receiver:

1.     Press Menu

2.     Select Setup Menu


3.     Select Tuning / Preset


4.     Select Preset (or press the yellow button using the remote)


5.     Select the correct Preset Number (1-9) based on the options below and select Activate


6.     Here are the available Presets:

7.     After selecting Activate on the Preset/LNB Setup menu, a change confirmation window will appear. To accept the changes, press OK or to cancel select Exit or Menu if you're using the front of the receiver