Troubleshooting AV Distribution

Last Updated: 9 September 2021 at 10:41

This article will discuss common troubleshooting tactics for AV problems in your chapel. Though meetinghouses vary greatly, this article gives general guidelines to help you resolve common issues. All AV distribution equipment provided by the facilities management group (FMG) is maintained by the FMG. Any complex issues should be referred to the FMG for repair or replacement. Assistance by members should be overseen by the FMG.


If the problem you experience appears to be simple, then one of the following suggestions may help:

  • Turn off the sound system (using the pulpit controls), and turn it back on after about a minute. This will allow the AV system to reset.
  • Check the volume level.
  • Ensure that all connections are fully connected.
    • A partially connected wire will function poorly or not at all.
  • Check multiple microphones to see if it is a microphone problem or a system problem.
    • If it is a system problem, contact the FMG.
  • Swap connection cables.
  • If using satellite audio, ensure that both the satellite audio and the chapel audio are activated.

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