Meetinghouse Firewall Replacement Project

Last Updated: 24 October 2017 at 15:43

Meetinghouse Firewall Replacement Project

A project has begun to replace Cisco network firewalls in meetinghouses. The firewall replacement work is coordinated by the local facilities manager (FM). They can choose to have the Stake Technology Specialist help with the firewall replacements.

Technology Manager ( is used to activate the replacement firewalls. Before replacing the old Cisco firewall, the installer must have the new replacement firewall, have an LDS Account to login TM, and know the property name or number where the firewall is being installed.

Unlike the Cisco 881W firewall, the replacement firewall does not have an internal wireless access point. Meetinghouses that use an 881W will receive a wireless access point along with the replacement firewall. Both the replacement firewall and wireless access point must be activated using Technology Manager (TM). This will associate the device’s serial number with a specific Church property. When activating a replacement firewall (or wireless access point), installer must be careful to choose the correct Church property in TM where the device is being installed.

Note: When the new firewall is installed and activated, several new options will be available in Technology Manager (TM). To see the updates that have been made, please see the Technology Manager Updates page.