Transferring Media to DVD

Last Updated: 12 December 2017 at 21:06

Another option is to transfer the downloaded videos to a DVD and play the file in a DVD player. Currently no Church-created DVD is available to order, nor is there a DVD image (an ISO file) available to download to facilitate the DVD burning process. If you want to burn a DVD, you will need to do this manually through DVD-burning software.

Note that although most computers have the capability of burning files to a DVD, your meetinghouse DVD player will not auto-play the files unless the DVD has a menu that allows you to navigate and select the file. Therefore, you must not only burn the file to the DVD, you must also create a menu for the DVD. You will need DVD burning software to create this menu.

Additionally, you must select the right type of DVD for the DVD player in your meetinghouse. You will need to use a video DVD rather than a data DVD. Before burning a DVD, find the exact model of DVD player and consult the manual for the type of burned DVDs that work well in your player.

Many stakes choosing to create their own DVDs designate a person skilled in DVD burning to create a large number of DVDs and distribute them to various teachers in the stake. The Church does not have any specific recommendations for DVD software — many software packages can do this.

With the DVD available, teachers can simply play the DVD in the meetinghouse TV/DVD player to show the content to their class. As long as you have multiple TV/DVD players to support the various teachers in your stake, this option can be the least expensive. The only difficulty is in creating the DVD.