Media Playback Overview

Last Updated: 17 September 2019 at 10:08

Church-produced media can be a powerful addition to a training or lesson. To ensure technology does not interfere with the Spirit of the lesson, download media ahead of time. Meetinghouses have limited, residential-level bandwidth that is shared among an entire ward of users. Therefore, meetinghouse internet should not be relied on for streaming media.

Consider the following in determining how to effectively show media in lessons using existing equipment:

How many students will be in attendance?

Class Size

Recommended Display

Recommended Audio

Small (5 or fewer)

Device only

Built-in speakers


Medium TV (19”–27”)

Built-in TV speakers


Large TV (32”–46”)

Built-in TV speakers or computer speakers

Extra large

Projector or large TV (47”+)

Sound system using the multiple-input adapter (crab box)

What inputs are on the display?

The table below shows which devices are recommended for various connection types. They are in order of recommendation (highest to lowest).

Available Display Connections

Recommended Devices

USB video playback

USB flash drive 


WD TV Live, laptop (w/HDMI), tablet (w/HDMI)


Laptop (w/VGA)


WD TV Live

Coaxial (cable)

Run through DVD or VCR composite

The articles below explain how to download videos and play them in a meetinghouse classroom on a variety of devices:

Learn how to connect various devices to a display: