Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) FAQs

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Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) FAQs

  • Why do stake and auxiliary leaders and high councilors have only limited access to LCR?

    Stake auxiliary leaders and high councilors are primarily responsible to instruct and support ward auxiliary and Melchizedek Priesthood leaders. They orient newly called ward auxiliary and Melchizedek Priesthood leaders and provide encouragement, support, and instruction. They are not responsible for individual ward members. It is the ward clerk’s responsibility to train ward auxiliary and Melchizedek Priesthood leaders on record-keeping tools and responsibilities. If stake auxiliary leaders and high councilors need a list of members for planning purposes, they should request this information through the ward or stake clerk.

  • Where do I go to activate a temple recommend?

    The ability to activate temple recommends is found under the Membership menu in LCR. (Only stake presidencies, stake clerks, and stake executive secretaries have access to activate temple recommends.)

  • How do I know if a temple recommend has been successfully activated?

    When you click the Save button after the recommend information has been entered properly, a green box will appear below the Save button with a success confirmation message. You can also check the Temple Recommend Status Report under the Reports menu, which is updated within a few minutes after a temple recommend is activated.

  • How do I check the status of a temple recommend?

    Under the Reports menus, open the Temple Recommend Status Report. The status column will show that the recommend is Active, Expiring, or Expired. The Expiring status will show if the recommend will be expiring within the next two months.

  • How do I change the ward abbreviations on the stake Quarterly Report?

    Go to the Other menu in LCR, select Unit Settings, and click the pencil icon next to the unit. Enter the abbreviation (up to four characters) and click Save. Ward abbreviations may be changed by a stake presidency member, the stake clerk, or the stake executive secretary.

  • Why can’t I see the menu tabs on the LCR main screen?

    The LCR site adjusts what you see based on the size of your screen. This allows those who are using smartphones or tablets to see a list view of features and prevents them from having to swipe back and forth across a wide horizontal screen. It may also apply to a desktop computer if your browser window is not maximized to the full size of the monitor.

    When your screen size is too narrow to display the menu tabs horizontally, LCR will automatically adjust to provide a vertical menu. To display the vertical menu, go to the left side of the Leader and Clerk Resources heading, and click the button that has three lines.

  • What do I do with disciplinary council documents when a member is placed on formal probation?

    When a member is placed on formal probation, the report is not sent to Church headquarters. Instead, the presiding officer prints and retains the form until the formal probation is terminated. When the formal probation is terminated, the presiding officer destroys copies of paper and electronic records.

  • Why don’t I have access to information in LCR that I had in MLS?

    For security and data privacy purposes, access to specific functionality within LCR is determined based on your calling. To view the functionality assigned to a specific calling, go to the Access Table found under the Other menu in LCR.

  • Why do I get an Access Denied message in LCR even after my calling has been recorded?

    After a member’s calling is recorded, there can be up to a six-hour delay before access to LCR is activated.

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