Technology Manager Firewall Activation (New Solution)

Last Updated: 12 December 2017 at 22:19

These are instructions for the activation of the Standard Meetinghouse Firewall v2 solution using Technology Manager (TM). The firewall should already be setup and connected to the internet before starting the activation. If not, click here for firewall setup instructions.

Firewall Activation Steps:

Note: The following instructions are based on Technology Manager (TM) access rights for a Stake Technology Specialist. Those accessing TM with a different calling or employee role may have different access rights.

Login Technology Manager

  1. Log into

  2. The TM dashboard homepage will display all the buildings assigned to your stake, along with what firewalls and satellite receivers are activated per property.

  3. A firewall can be activated by selecting the FIREWALLS > ACTIVATE link on the left-hand menu bar, or by selecting the + Add Firewall button under a specific property you are adding the firewall.

Step 1: Verify Firewall and Device Serial Numbers

  1. Enter the firewall serial number in the Serial # field and select the Verify button.

  2. If the serial number cannot be validated, TM will return an activation error message.  Re-check the serial number on the device and try entering and verifying it again.  If the activation error continues, contact the Global Service Center for help.

  3. If the serial number entered is available for activation, TM will return a “Verified” green check mark next to the serial number.

  4. If needed, additional devices (e.g. wireless access points) can be verified under the Associated Access Points & Switches section. Enter the device serial number in the Add A Device field and click Verify.

    NOTE: Only Meraki wireless access points and specific managed switches can currently be activated through TM.

  5. After all devices are verified, click the Continue button to proceed.

Step 2: Select Firewall Destination

  1. In the Destination search box, enter either the property number, unit name, unit number, or if replacing an old firewall, the existing firewall serial number. Select the appropriate building site from the list of locations provided in the dropdown.

    Note: When replacing an existing firewall, it is recommended to search by the old firewall serial number to ensure the correct configuration is applied to the new firewall. It is important that you select the correct firewall. If you select the wrong firewall, you will get the wrong configuration on the new Meraki firewall creating additional work.

  2. After selecting the property from the dropdown, the property details will display on the page.  Click the radio button next to the property the firewall will be assigned to and click Continue.

  3. A pop-up window will appear if the selected property has a firewall associated to it already.  If the firewall being activated is replacing an existing firewall, click the radio button next to the firewall serial number being removed in the Replace Firewall section of the window and select Continue.  If the firewall being activated is not replacing the existing firewall click the continue button under the Add Firewall section.

Step 3: Add Notes (Optional)

  1. Add any notes related to the network that would be helpful when troubleshooting such as ISP name, ISP contact number, ISP account number, bandwidth speeds, etc.  This section has a 400-character limit. 

  2. Select Continue when the notes section is complete.

    Note: The ISP information from the existing firewall will automatically transfer to this section. The transferred information is only as good as what was previously entered in TM. Review the information for accuracy.


Step 4: Verify and Activate

  1. The final step is to verify the information provided. If needed, update or correct information in any of the fields by clicking the associated Edit button. If the information presented in this section is accurate, select the Activate Firewall button.

  2. If successful, you will see a message that the Firewall is in Process of Activating. The firewall will receive its new configuration within 5 minutes.

    Note: If other associated equipment was activated during this activation process, such as the Meraki MR33 Wireless Access Point (WAP), you may see the MR33 power cycle and the status light will cycle as the new configuration is downloaded. The MR33 configuration is complete when the status light is solid green or blue, and you do NOT see “Meraki Setup” SSID from a wireless device (If so the MR33 has not received the LDSAccess configuration).

  3. After the Firewall receives its configuration and reboots, please test for internet connectivity and proper filtering. You should check both wireless connection (e.g. mobile phone/tablet) and hardwire LAN connections (LAN connected clerk computer). Use a web browser to connect to

  4. After internet connectivity is verified to work, test for proper filtering by going to For further information about filter testing click here.

  5. If internet connection or filtering test is unsuccessful, please contact the Global Service Center.