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Last Updated: 23 October 2017 at 09:56 is constantly improving according to helpful feedback received by individuals like you. The most recent update included a new menu, improved My Account and Ward options, and additional subpages that provide helpful resources.

Here are the current menu options, followed by their descriptions.

Scriptures and Study

Scriptures and Study has three submenus: Prophetic Teachings, Learn About, and Helpful Resources. Scriptures—the most frequently searched topic—are easily found in this menu along with information on Jesus Christ, living prophets, general conference, and other lessons and study resources such as music and Church magazines.

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Families and Individuals

Submenus include Eternal Families, Life’s Challenges, and Resources For. You can find family history information here as well as resources for young adults, youth, children, employment, and self-reliance.

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Share the Gospel

Submenus for Share the Gospel include Participate and Full-Time Missions. This is where you can find mission preparation information, the Missionary Portal, referrals for missionaries, and ideas on how to share the gospel.

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Inspiration and News

Under submenus Be Inspired and Stay Informed is where you will find links to general conference, news, and social media resources.

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Serve and Teach

Lead and Teach, Callings, and Service Opportunities are where you can find resources to help prepare a lesson, discover volunteer opportunities, and fulfill your calling.

How to find information specific to your ward and calling:

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My Account and Ward

The My Account and Ward menu is located in the upper-right corner of It offers a personalized experience. You can change your LDS Account settings, connect to FamilySearch, view your ward/stake calendar, download apps, or access tools and links that are specific to your current calling in the ward or stake.

Additional Resources: continually strives to provide helpful resources. For example, under Hope and Help you’ll find resources on topics like abuse, adoption, emotional and mental health, same-sex attraction, suicide, unemployment, and more.

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