Assistant Technology Specialist FAQs

Last Updated: 18 September 2019 at 09:38

An official notice titled “Assistant Technology Specialists,” dated July 3, 2014, was sent to General Authorities, Area Seventies, stake and district presidents, and bishops and branch presidents. The notice announced that stake presidencies may call assistant technology specialists where needed. A copy of the announcement is available to local leaders and clerks through the Official Communication Library (

Answers to questions that people are likely to have about this announcement appear below.  Questions about the notice not answered here may be sent to

1. What are the responsibilities of an assistant technology specialist?

  • Help members and leaders use Church-sponsored technologies in teaching, training, and other settings as determined by the stake presidency, in coordination with stake clerks and stake technology specialists (if available).

  • As necessary, fulfill many of the responsibilities of stake technology specialists (see the Meetinghouse Technology Roles and Responsibilities document at

2. Is this a stake calling?

It is a stake calling. Assistant technology specialists are called by the stake presidency. They report to the stake technology specialist (if available) or to the stake clerk (if a stake technology specialist is not available).

3. Can assistant technology specialists be assigned to one or more specific meetinghouses or wards?

Yes. They may also be assigned in other ways as determined by the stake presidency.

4. If they are called by the stake but assigned to a ward, what is their relationship to ward leadership?

Assistant technology specialists assigned to a ward work closely with the bishopric of that ward and may also work closely with other ward leaders.

5. Do assistant technology specialists need to be recorded in LCR?

Yes. As a stake calling, assistant technology specialists should be recorded in LCR at the stake level. Instructions for putting technology specialists into LCR correctly are found at This article also discusses the benefits of doing so.

6. What type of systems access do assistant technology specialists receive?

When the calling is put into the LCR system correctly, they will have access that is similar to what stake technology specialists receive, including access to Technology Manager ( and all help content at Like stake technology specialists, they do not automatically get access to MLS or LCR.

7. Where can assistant technology specialists get training and help?

  • Current or previous stake technology specialists in the stake (where available)

  • Existing stake meetinghouse technology documentation

  •, which includes sections on getting started, support and help, and training

8. What if wards have already called ward technology positions similar to an assistant technology specialist?

Bishoprics should work with stake presidencies to determine if these ward callings should be changed to an assistant technology specialist. Some benefits to changing the calling include the following:

  • The calling can be put into LCR as an official Church calling and not as a custom calling, enabling the person to receive (1) headquarters training and communications and (2) access to systems associated with this calling (see number 6 above).

  • The person can continue to assist the ward in the same ways when called as an assistant technology specialist.

9. Is there a limit to the number of assistant technology specialists that a stake can call?


10. What is the minimum age for an assistant technology specialist? 

12 years old.

11. Do you need to be a Melchizedek Priesthood holder to serve as an assistant technology specialist?

No, worthy brothers or sisters can serve as assistant technology specialists.


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