Disabling Wireless Access

Last Updated: 11 September 2017 at 09:13


The disable feature prevents devices from using LDSAccess. Disabling wireless is useful for preserving Internet bandwidth during important meetings or broadcasts. Once wireless access is disabled, the building’s network is still available through the wired network.

Certain positions in Technology Manager have additional permissions to disable or enable wireless access.  Members without these permissions, including assistant technology specialists, should coordinate with these members to manage wireless access in meetinghouses.

  • Stake/District Presidencies
  • Bishoprics
  • Branch Presidencies
  • Stake/District Clerks
  • Stake/District Technology Specialists (STS)
  • Facilities Managers

The Stake Technology Specialist is generally responsible for using this feature. Once disabled, wireless access may be re-enabled through Technology Manager. The date, time, and name of the individual making wireless network changes will be recorded in a history log.

Detailed Instructions

Meetinghouse wireless access may be disabled/enabled using the Technology Manager application. This allows local leaders to do so without physical access to the firewall.

This feature should only be used under the direction and instructions of the Stake/District President responsible for the meetinghouse. Church units who use the feature must carefully coordinate and communicate its use and timing. 

Disable All Access Points:

  1. Visit tm.lds.org and log in using your LDS Account username and password
  2. Click the "FIREWALLS" tab on the left-side menu
  3. Search for and select the firewall location
  4. Click on the Serial # of a specific firewall (e.g. FTX########)
  5. Click on the "ACCESS POINTS" tab
  6. Click on "DISABLE ALL ACCESS POINTS" to turn off all the Access Points in the building
  7. Make sure all the Access Points in the list have its Admin State drop down set to "Disabled"

Once disabled, wireless access points no longer allow “LDSAccess” wireless connections in the building.

Afterwards, wireless access may be re-enabled through Technology Manager from a device either connected to the building's wired network or connected to a different Internet service. This is done by following the same steps above but instead clicking on "ENABLE ALL ACCESS POINTS" and making sure all the Access Points in the list have its Admin State set to "Enabled".

IMPORTANT: Leaders must remember to re-enable wireless access following the meeting or event.

Issues associated with the enable/disable wireless feature should be directed to the Global Service Center.

Note: The disabling of individual wireless access points through the Global Service Center instead of using Technology Manager is not recommended as is often costly and time-consuming to Church resources.