Cultural Hall Sound System

Last Updated: 13 December 2019 at 11:59

Hall Control Panel

Power Switch. The cultural hall local sound system is turned on by pressing the power button. This button will not work if the chapel sound system is on and the folding partitions are open between the chapel and the cultural hall. With the power on, all microphone inputs in the cultural hall are on at a nominal preset level.

Manual Mode. Manual mode overrides the preset levels and allows the microphone levels to be adjusted using the volume controls.

Mic 1 controls microphone 1 input in the room.

Mic 2 controls microphone 2 input in the room.

Mic 3 controls the microphone input and auxiliary inputs on the control panel.


The sound system has been equalized for optimum performance using the microphones supplied with the system. The microphones supplied are directional. They are more sensitive to sound in front of them than to unwanted sound coming from behind. The system will not perform as well with older microphones or with other microphones that have a different response.

Auxiliary Input Jacks (RCA) at Control Panel

Portable media players can be plugged into the RCA auxiliary jacks in the cultural hall control panel. Also, a multiple-input audio adapter box (EJ-8 or EJ-2Plus [crab box]) can be used to connect a portable media player to any microphone input jack in the cultural hall. Detailed instructions are found with the adapter box.

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