Copier Overview

Last Updated: 8 August 2016 at 10:23

Stake technology specialists, clerks, or librarians are typically involved in requesting and maintaining copiers, including contacting the service provider, purchasing supplies, and coordinating equipment replacement (through the facilities management group).

Purchasing and Maintenance

The facilities management group is responsible for purchasing, repairing, and disposal of copiers. Maintenance is typically handled by a third-party provider under contract to the Church.

Supplies and Support

Paper, toner, drums, and other consumables are to be purchased with Ward or Stake Budget.

Wards and Stakes can obtain service and supplies by calling 1-800-537-7192. Using the interactive phone menu, the caller will be connected to a service provider. In some cases, the caller will be connected to a third-party provider (such as Xerox or Staples). When this is the case, the third-party provider will know that the call is from a Church unit and will provide service and billing according to established contracts.

Please have the unit number and the copier’s make, model, and serial number available when calling for supplies or service. A unit number can be used to purchase supplies using this process.

(Outside North America, the facilities manager should be contacted regarding copier supplies or services.)

For support, contact the Global Service Center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Copy Machine Administration Division maintains the following two forums on LDSTech (

  1. FAQs for Local Unit Copier Program
  2. Forum for Asking Copier Questions

Meetinghouse Network Guidelines

Where approved by local leaders, stake technology specialists can follow the manufacturers’ instructions to connect a copier to a meetinghouse network. If necessary, the stake technology specialist may work with the facilities management group to request network connectivity. Sensitive documents, including documents originating from MLS, should be printed to the clerk’s printer. Nothing sensitive should ever be electronically stored on a copier. All questions or problems related to setting up or using a copier should be referred to the manufacturer.