Connect Receiving Sites

Last Updated: 2 July 2019 at 09:27

Receiving Site Requirements

Please see Webcast Requirements to know what requirements receiving sites must meet.

Receiving Site Setup Instructions

  1. Connect a computer to the internet using a wired LAN cable.
  2. Connect the computer to a projector or display.
  3. Connect the computer’s audio output to your amplification method.
  4. Click on the event’s viewing URL. Ensure it opens in a supported web browser. Please see “Connecting the Webcast to Receiving Locations” in the How-to Guide for Meetinghouse Webcast 3.0 for specific instructions.
  5. Adjust the audio levels on the computer and amplification system for optimal volume.
  6. Turn off the Wi-Fi in the building and look for unauthorized access points. (Please see Disable Wi-Fi in the Building.)

Receiving Site Best Practices

  • On the receiving computer, make sure to turn off any screensaver and sleep modes so as not to disrupt the webcast.
  • On the receiving computer, maximize the player to full screen.
  • Prior to your event, make sure you install all available receiving computer updates and temporally turn off automatic updates that could start during the webcast to prevent any forced restarts.
  • On the receiving computer, make sure there are no additional programs, apps, or systems running in the background that are using valuable system resources.
  • Close curtains and adjust lighting to optimize the viewing experience.

For viewing on a personal device, please see Viewing on Personal Devices.

For additional support, contact the Global Service Center.