Configuring the Satellite Receiver for Audio/Video over HDMI (Optional)

Last Updated: 16 June 2017 at 14:31

If you use the HDMI port on the Cisco receiver for audio and video output, you will need to set the receiver to a Mono audio mode. This will ensure the audio sent through the HDMI cable will output only one of the paired languages of a satellite channel.

Note: Most sites will not need to follow these steps and should keep the setting in the standard Stereo operation mode. This Mono solution should only be followed by sites that require the use of an HDMI cable for audio and video.

Mono Audio Setup for HDMI Audio

  1. From the receiver front panel or on the remote control, press the Menu button.
  2. On the Main Menu screen, use the arrow buttons to navigate to the Setup Menu and press the Select button if using the front panel or OK if using the remote.

  3. On the Setup Menu, navigate to Audio Setup and press Select/OK.

  4. On the Audio Setup screen, navigate to the Stereo/Mono option and press Select/OK.

  5. Press the Left/Right arrows to select either the L-Mono or R-Mono option depending on the language you want outputted from the channel. Press Select/OK to save the change.

Below is a description of all the Stereo/Mono options:

  • Stereo: Left and Right channels are sent separately to the L and R outputs respectively.  This is the default setting most sites should use for non-HDMI setups.
  • Mixed: Left and Right channels are combined and sent through the L and R outputs. Normally this would not be used.
  • L-Mono: Left channel is output to both L and R outputs.
  • R-Mono: Right channel is output to both L and R outputs.