Church Broadcast Checklist

Last Updated: 8 August 2016 at 09:10

Use this checklist to prepare for viewing Church broadcasts.





Select a solution for viewing a Church broadcast.

Review the following Church-supported solutions. Select the one that is best suited to the equipment and services available at your meetinghouse:


Review requirements.

Review the list of technical requirements for the selected solution. Requirements are found on the individual pages listed above.


Assess your situation.

Based on the requirements, list which resources you already have in place and which ones you need to acquire.

Note: Many of the supported solutions can be made to work with existing hardware, bypassing the need for some purchases.


Get needed equipment.

Based on the list you created, arrange to get the equipment you still need.


Test your solution.

Assemble the equipment and test the solution well in advance of the broadcast event. Verify that you:

  • Have all the needed connecting cables.
  • Have sufficient Internet bandwidth (for Internet-based solutions).
  • Know the best audio levels.
  • Know the best position for the TV or projector and screen.
  • Have enough people to help with the broadcast.

Identify backup solutions.

Have a backup plan in case of technology failure or signal loss. Backup plans should be made in advance of the event.
Note: Many units already have the equipment for live, audio-only backup that allows the congregation to listen to the event.


Know where to go for help.

For technical issues, go to the User Forum or contact the Global Service Center.


Post Event Survey. (English Only)

After the completion of each broadcast event, please take a moment to fill out the post event survey. This survey will be used to help make improvements to Church broadcasting services. 
If your event used more than one viewing location, please fill out the survey separately for each location. (This survey is currently in English Only)