Choir Microphone Setup

Last Updated: 25 October 2019 at 10:31

Miking the choir is especially useful in webcast events or in large meetings that spill into overflow areas. Using two vocal microphones, two microphone stands (boom stands are preferred), an audio mixer, and these guidelines for placement will ensure the music reaches all participants. Purchasing expensive recording microphones is unnecessary. Because choir size and placement vary, a ratio of distance is provided in the diagram for determining microphone placement.

1. Achieving a balanced sound through placement:
  • Look at the diagram to see the ratio of distances. “X” is the distance from the microphone to the closest row of singers. “2X” is the distance from the microphone to the back row of singers. “3X” is the distance between the two microphones.
2. Microphone height: 
  • Place the microphone even with the height of the back row of the choir (placing those farthest away in the direct line of the microphone).
  • Microphones should be fairly horizontal or angled down a little.
3. Cabling:
  • Run cables from each microphone to an audio mixer. From the audio mixer, choir levels can be adjusted before sending the signal to the broadcast or chapel sound system. Be sure to cover cable with gaffing tape or use another method to avoid tripping hazards. (Don’t use duct tape!)