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Last Updated: 7 October 2019 at 11:56

The following resources are available to support stake technology specialists (STSs) in their callings:

Stake President

STSs are clerks who work under the direction of a stake or district president. Technology specialists should seek guidance from their stake or district president.

Previous STSs

As with the members of any calling, STSs can learn from their predecessors. STSs should document items that may be helpful to others in the future.

Physical Facilities Representative

Physical facilities representatives (PFRs) are high councilors assigned to help oversee Church properties. They act as liaisons between a stake and a facilities manager (FM) for items related to the meetinghouse, including technology provided within a meetinghouse. Technology specialists should get to know their PFR and make sure that he is aware of the technology needs of the stake. In some cases an FM may be comfortable working directly with STSs.

STSs should be familiar with all the information on the Meetinghouse Technology site The site has articles, quick-step guides, videos, and FAQs to assist with meetinghouse technology. Visitors can indicate if particular pages are helpful or not. Content is updated often and is available in four different languages.

Other STSs

STSs should get to know other STSs, both those who serve in their region and those who serve in other parts of the world.  They should share insights and best practices. They can also bounce ideas and questions off each other.

Global Service Center

When stake or district technology specialists cannot find answers on their own, they may contact the Global Service Center (GSC). The Meetinghouse Technology Group of the GSC may be able to assist with the following items:

  • Network or internet connection issues, including using Meetinghouse Firewall and Church-managed wireless access points
  • Satellite broadcasts or webcasts
  • Personal video conferencing

Hours and languages are limited. More information is available here.

Area ICS (Information and Communications Services)  Teams

Area ICS teams may be available to assist by consulting with and training STSs on meetinghouse technology.

Meetinghouse Technology Coordination Team

STSs may send feedback directly to the Meetinghouse Technology Coordination team by responding to surveys, by clicking the “Do You Have Feedback?” banner at the bottom right of page, or by sending an email to

For more in-depth discussion of these support resources, refer to the LDSTech broadcast "Where Can I Turn for Help?"

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