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Help for Victims of Abuse Overview

Abuse is the neglect or mistreatment of others in such a way that causes physical, emotional, or sexual harm. It goes against the teachings of the Savior. The Lord condemns abusive behavior in any form.

“The Church’s position is that abuse cannot be tolerated in any form” (Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops [2010], 17.3.2). Abuse violates the laws of God and may also be a violation of the laws of society. The Lord expects us to be vigilant in preventing abuse and to protect and help those who have been victims of abuse. No one is expected to endure abusive behavior.

This content has been created to help those who have been victims of abuse and to help leaders and others minister to individuals and their families impacted by abuse.

This information provides guidance and resources to:

  • Help victims of abuse find hope, help, and healing.
  • Help family members, friends, or others recognize abuse and know what to do to get help for victims.
  • Help parents talk to their children about abuse.

Counseling resources and information for ward council members on the topic of abuse can be found at

Leaders should consider ways to ensure that members are aware of these resources. Members and leaders are encouraged to learn about and use trusted local resources for crisis help as well as long-term support.