What to Expect When Visiting Temple Square

Temple Square

Welcome to Temple Square! Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, and its surrounding campus serve as the worldwide headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A family is together on the roof of the Conference Center. They are smiling and talking to one another.
Audiences in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. Audiences sit on the pews. You can see the organ and a choir facing them.
Children in the Church History Musuem. A group of children interact with the exhibits. A docent is nearby talking with them.
Various people tour the Conference Center. Together they walk outside.
Families walk through the Conference Center exhibits.
Various exhibits are set up around the Conference Center.
Various people tour the Conference Center. Together they walk outside.

Temple Square is a five-block complex that includes historic buildings, gardens, administrative and office buildings, museums, monuments, libraries, auditoriums, pavilions, and restaurants—all of which are anchored together in the downtown district by the historic Salt Lake Temple. Millions of visitors come to Temple Square every year, consistently ranking it as one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.

Temple Square Overview Map

Current Closures

One of the main attractions of Temple Square is the Salt Lake Temple. The temple is currently closed as it undergoes significant seismic improvements and other renovations.

The area surrounding the Salt Lake Temple is also undergoing substantial redevelopment. The construction and improvements involved in this project will take several years. The roof of the Conference Center as well as large windows that are part of the construction wall provide an unobstructed view of the progress and ongoing work on the temple.


While Temple Square is a site with historical and religious significance, there is no specific dress code for visiting the experiences on Temple Square. Many visitors choose to dress to show reverence for the sacredness of the area around the temple. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welcomes all visitors, including families and children, and encourages them to dress comfortably for a public outing.


Free validated parking for visitors is available at the Conference Center. Hourly and day parking is also available at City Creek Center, at the public lot at North and West Temple, and at metered parking on surrounding city streets. See more parking options.


All experiences on Temple Square are free of charge. Some experiences require a free reservation, and some concerts require free tickets. A few select events on Temple Square require paid tickets. More information is available on each experience and event, activity, or exhibit. See all events, activities, and exhibits.


Temple Square offers both self-guided and guided tours. Visitors to Temple Square are greeted by female volunteer missionaries called “sisters.” These volunteers offer free tours and information assistance about Temple Square in more than 40 languages. Popular guided tours on Temple Square and the immediate area include the Salt Lake Temple grounds, the Conference Center and auditorium, the Salt Lake Tabernacle, and the Beehive House, historic home of Brigham Young. See all tours.


Restrooms are available throughout Temple Square: at the Conference Center and the west gate of Temple Square. Public drinking water fountains are also located throughout the grounds and public buildings.


Wheelchair access is provided to all the facilities on Temple Square except the Beehive House. Wheelchairs are available free of charge for visitors and can be checked out at the Conference Center.


Temple Square, its walking plazas, and its adjacent properties are operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are designated for foot traffic and aided movement. Cycling, skateboarding, and scooters are not permitted. Smoking, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or weapons of any kind are not permitted.

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