Temple and Family History Callings

Begin Your Calling

Thank you for accepting the call to serve in a temple and family history calling. Your service will help gather the family of God on both sides of the veil. Your primary role is to help individuals and families increase their love of family and build connections to their ancestors and our Heavenly Father.

Prayerfully seek for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in every opportunity to magnify your calling. Following promptings to help others learn about their family will help them discover the stories of their ancestors, gather their information into the family tree, and connect eternal families through sacred temple ordinances.

Learn more about your calling by visiting the Temple and Family History Callings page on FamilySearch.org.


FamilySearch.org is the Church’s main tool for finding and preparing names for temple ordinances and preserving family memories. It will be an ongoing resource to you as you learn the things you need to help others discover and gather their family. You can use your Church account username and password to sign in to FamilySearch.