Do Family History

    “I have learned . . . that even the best technology can never be a substitute for revelation from heaven. . . . This is a spiritual work, and the Lord directs it through His Holy Spirit.”

    (Henry B. Eyring, “Gathering the Family of God, Ensign or Liahona, May 2017, 22)

    Learn How to Do Family History

    Family history is much more than dates, records, and research. Start discovering your family history with these simple activities.

    • Contact Your Temple and Family History Consultant
      Start your family history with a family member or friend who can help you. You can also ask your local temple and family history consultant to assist you. Go to to find help in your area.
    • Create a Church Account, and Then Log In to is the tool you need to take your own ancestors’ names to the temple. You can log in to using your Church ID and password. You can also do this work with the free FamilySearch Tree app (download the app for iOS or Android).
    • Try Ordinances Ready
      Ordinances Ready is a new feature found in the FamilySearch Tree mobile app. This feature searches through your family tree and finds ancestors for whom temple ordinances can be performed. This feature allows you to request a specific ordinance to perform. Learn more about using Ordinances Ready.
    • Interview Family Members and Share Stories
      This can be done easily on the free FamilySearch Memories app (download the app for iOS or Android). Gather your family stories and memories, and record them for generations to come.
    • Gather, Take, and Share Photos
      Taking photos of living relatives, heirlooms, and so forth can provide powerful experiences for future generations. Add these to your family tree through the FamilySearch Memories app as well (download the app for iOS or Android).
    • Help Index Records
      FamilySearch indexing makes the records of our ancestors freely searchable online. Indexing is vital to temple and family history work. To learn more, go to