Family History Activities

    Exploring Your Family Tree
    With so much information gathered already, you can learn a lot about your family by connecting to extended family members through a family tree.
    Special Inheritances
    Sharing family heirlooms and traditions can be a fun way to help your family connect to your ancestors, feel the spirit of Elijah, and discover more about your history.
    How Well Do You Know Me?
    Learning more about each member of your family can help you understand the unique attributes each possesses and what you have in common.
    Indexing Night
    With a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone, you have everything you need to dive into indexing and help make historical records searchable so that others can discover and connect with their ancestors.
    Favorite Family Story
    A fun and easy way to help your family connect with your family history is by sharing favorite stories about family members.
    Make a Family Recipe
    Sharing food is a great way to spend time with and learn about our families. Discovering family traditions brings the family together and helps us connect to those who came before.
    Secrets of a Happy Family
    The more we know about our families, the greater our chances of happiness. The “Do You Know Scale” test will help you and your family members find out how much you know about your family.
    Smartphone Cemetery Activity
    You can help others learn more about their family history and build family relationships by photographing headstones in a cemetery and helping others know where their ancestors are buried.
    Visit Local Historical Sites and Genealogical Societies
    You can learn a lot about your family’s story by learning more about the history of the places your ancestors have lived.
    What’s in a Name?
    As you learn more about the connection between your name and the names of your ancestors, you can feel the Spirit and gain a stronger connection with your family.
    Additional Activities
    Activities that the whole family can do online or at home.