BYU Winterfest 2023

BYU Ballroom Dance Company

Join us for several dance ensemble and musical performances from January 20 through March 11.

Event Guidelines (specific for the BYU Winterfest performances)

Age for Admittance (Two and Older)
Children and adults over two years of age will be admitted to BYU Winterfest events.

Cameras, Audio and Video Recorders
Large cameras with detachable lenses are not permitted. Photographs and personal recordings are not permitted during BYU Winterfest performances unless permission is granted to the audience via public announcement at the event.

The Conference Center Lobby will open 60 minutes before Winterfest performances. And seating will open to ticketholders at least 30 minutes in advance of the performance.


Parking in the Conference Center underground lot is free with a ticket to the event.

About BYU Performing Groups

March 11 - International Folk Dance Ensemble (Get Tickets Here)


The International Folk Dance Ensemble will present Journey: Reflections, a 90-minute voyage of dance and music that explores the heartbeat of the world’s cultures. Journey: Reflections entertains with Irish hard shoe, American clogging, Ukrainian Hopak, Indian bhangra, and much more. Since 1964, the International Folk Dance Ensemble has represented the United States and American culture at folk dance festivals throughout the world.

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