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  • "By focusing on himself, a selfish person finds it easier to bear false witness, to steal, and covet, since nothing should be denied him. No wonder it is so easy for governments to pander to the appetites of the natural man, especially if the trains continue to run on time, reassuring him all the while that his permissiveness is somehow permissible."

    —Neal A. Maxwell, "Repent of [Our] Selfishness' D&C 56:8", Ensign, May 1999
    Topics: Selfishness

  • "Since it is so common, why worry about selfishness anyway? Because selfishness is really self-destruction in slow motion."

    —Neal A. Maxwell, "'Repent of [Our] Selfishness' (D&C 56:8)", Ensign, May 1999
    Topics: Selfishness